Life cycle testing of A123's Nanophosphate EXT vs. competing lithium ion as conducted by the Ohio State University's Center for Automotive Research

A123 Nanophosphate EXT lithium iron phosphate battery technology cycle life testing at 75 degrees Celsius

White Paper: Nanophosphate EXT™ Lithium Ion Battery Technology

A123’s next-generation Nanophosphate EXT™ lithium ion battery technology improves power capability at low temperature and life at high temperature, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for costly thermal management. By extending the capabilities of our core Nanophosphate® technology over a wider temperature operating range, Nanophosphate EXT is expected to deliver increased performance and reliability while minimizing complexity and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of the battery system for a number of applications, including micro hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, telecommunications backup and military systems, among others. This whitepaper provides more details about the performance of the technology in various testing conditions as well as information about the applications that A123 is targeting. To receive the whitepaper, please complete the form below.