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The Pulse provides the opinions, insight and other musings of the A123 Systems brain trust, offering thoughts about a wide variety of topics, including battery technology, electric transportation, grid energy storage, energy policy and more.

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Andy Chu

Andy Chu, Ph.D., is the former vice president of marketing & communications at A123 Systems.

Angela Duren

Angela Duren is the low-voltage product manager for the Automotive Solutions Group at A123 Systems. 

Jeff Kessen director of product marketing with Automotive Solutions Group A123 Systems (2)Jeff Kessen is the director of global marketing for the Automotive Solutions Group at A123 Systems.  

Bill Mitchell vice president, business development A123 Systems headshotBill Mitchell is vice president of Sales and Marketing at A123 Energy Solutions.

Roger LinRoger Lin is director of product marketing at A123 Energy Solutions. 


Peddling the Thoughts, Opinions and General Musings of the A123 Systems Brain Trust


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A123 @ the Whiteboard: Plotting Power vs. Energy on Ragone Curve

In this edition of A123 @ the Whiteboard, we focus on the high power capabilities of A123’s proprietary Nanophosphate® lithium ion battery technology. Because of the small particle size of Nanophosphate, the chemistry is able to deliver this high power while also retaining high energy, which gives A123’s batteries an advantage over competing lithium ion. To illustrate, we use a Ragone curve to plot the relationship between power and energy for A123’s batteries as compared with competing technologies.  




Will A123 be involved with GE's stepping up their investment in batteries with a $170 million factory??
Posted @ Tuesday, July 10, 2012 8:48 AM by Tom Cunnally
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